One of the most common things we hear when we are doing a menu tasting with a potential client goes something along the lines of “I hope I actually get to eat some of this food that we’re picking out on our wedding day.” After working with so many brides, I still find it hard to believe that some barely eat the whole day! As a lover of food, I don’t think anything could keep me away from scrumptious appetizers, or some of that Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese that we offer, whether it was my wedding day or not.

It is so important to make sure you stay hydrated and fueled up for the day, especially if all of your prep work starts early in the morning. The last thing you want to do is skip breakfast because you want to make sure you fit into your dress, only to end up “hangry” later that night. Being “hangry” is the last feeling you want to experience on your special day.

As a caterer, we’ve found ways to make sure that our bride and groom don’t starve their whole event. We are notorious for tracking down our couple after the ceremony while they’re taking pictures to bring them a tray of appetizers to nibble on. Before dinner service begins, we also are always more than willing to make the bride and groom each a plate and bring it to them. That way, while their guests are in line to fill their plates, they can be relaxing, enjoying their meal and each other. We even offer all of our couples the option to keep their leftovers from the evening. You paid for it, you can certainly take it home. More often than not, especially in Luray, wedding festivities tend to last a whole weekend. Families rent out cabins, and take a mini vacation while they’re in town. Why wouldn’t you want to take some of our amazing reception food back to your cabin with you later that night for a midnight snack, or even the next day?

There is also a great article on WeddingWire that we recommend our couples read on avoiding the hunger during your special day. You can check it out here.