I love farmers markets. They are where I got my start. I love the “direct to the customer” kind of marketing that you get when you are able to be one on one with each potential customer. Each customer has “x” amount of money to spend, and typically there are several other vendors who are selling similar items to what you’re selling. The customer has the ultimate say in what they purchase with what money they have, and I’ve learned that product placement, variety, booth decor and price point are all very important attributes to a successful market day.

Every bit important is your stance, are you inviting and approachable? Do you have a good positive attitude? Are you making eye contact and having passionate banter about your wares? Anyone that knows me knows that I am more than willing to speak passionately about what I do.  I genuinely enjoy sharing my love for baking and cooking with everyone I meet, especially if they’re willing to listen and contribute to the conversation. I love that aspect of it all. Absolutely nothing feels better than closing a sale after making your best pitch about the foods you have grown, or made from scratch by hand. It’s a great affirmation.

I’ve found that passion for the product is the most important part of being successful. I love what I do, and I truly believe that it shows in my work and to my customers. To this day, people will stop by the bakery and if they don’t mind conversation across the counter while I’m baking or cooking, we’ll discuss what they’ve made, a fun new recipe or whatever it is that I am currently working on in the shop.

I want to thank all of the customers that have been to the market and purchased my baked goods and continue to shop here in the bakery. My dreams could not have been realized without you.