On Being Community Forward

2016 1Mar FaithbrookeMainSt

We love working with Chris and Lindi Jenkins at Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyards. We all share a vision of how cool things can be when people work together. There is a collaborative synergy between our businesses. We both help and support each others causes and convictions without hesitation or reservation.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Chris and Lindi over the holiday season. They approached us with the idea that they would host a Thanksgiving dinner and all would be welcomed. They would provide all of the food we would need to prepare, and we would donate our time and services. After realizing how many people could benefit from this, Chris and Lindi reached out to the community for donations in order to fund this endeavor.  With our communities help they raised enough money to host a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner as well as make a sizeable donation to Choices.

I look forward to many years of partnership with our friends Chris and Lindi. Here at the bakery, we have created a food style that compliments their vision. Their venue is perfect for the relaxed, fun food styling, in the perfect setting of a vineyard that is the epitome of cool. I admire their enthusiasm, energy for life, and their ability to be so gracious and kind to every one they meet. It is a joy to collaborate with them to create a memorable day for young couples and their loved ones.

-Chef Chuck




**For more information about Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyard, you can check out their website here.